Community Projects

Madison MAN Cooperative follows the Core Principles of reciprocity, sociocratic governance, transparent and accessible processes, and open membership with democratic member control and economic participation

Opportunities Pipeline

In collaboration with the Northside Brentwood Neighborhood residents, Opportunities Pipeline (OP) provides a system for community restorative justice, intervention and prevention programs.

Programs reach out to youth ages 14-18, using Mutual Aid Network (MAN) expertise, networks, resources, and technology to recruit and train peer-lead groups.

One of the most vital OP projects among many is the drive to build competency and proficiency in MAN tools such as visioning, poshterity budgeting, facilitation and project implementation.

Common Fund

The Mutual Aid Network (MAN) Common Fund is designed to develop, grow and sustain community pool money to address a variety of economic emergencies and shortfalls.

Sustainability options for Common Fund use include paying off high-interest debt, which allows interest savings to be redirected back to the fund pool. Support for community members includes helping people out of payday loan cycles, providing emergency health-insurance deductible coverage, and making capital available for emergency relief.

Crises in Community Care

A collaboration of family-care and health-aide professionals dedicated to providing care for all community members in a sustainable partnership with neighborhood and MAN hubs.

Using a community-based needs-assessment model, CC&C's work provides ancillary family support needs, enables seniors to stay in their homes longer, and protects the healthy, intergenerational mix of our neighborhoods.

608 Arts

A collective of mixed-media, word, and performance artists dedicated to making arts accessible to all ages, all abilities and all neighborhoods with classes, workshops and gallery events.

608 Arts curates the Jackie Macaulay Gallery in The Social Justice Center (SJC), taking advantage of the neighborhood location and mix of services in the SJC to reach out to a network of communities. Other events include partnerships with local libraries and pop-up public activities. The collective looks forward to adding an art-supply, tool, and literature library to the common space used by The Madison MAN Cooperative.